Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Zombie Look

So, it's Halloween tomorrow! Finally! And I have been taking a makeup class for school and I came up with this look of a zombie who has a broken nose.
It's really quite simple to do and you don't need much.
To make the broken nose I got some Nose Scar Wax from Ben Nye and molded it on my nose. Then I got some purple shadow and used that around my nose. I also used the purple shadow as well as some red for the eyes to give a "dead" look.
For the scar on my face, I used gelatin and just mixed it and applied it leaving a slit in the middle. Then I just put some red cream inside of it.
For the neck, I used Karo syrup with tissue (you can also just use latex) and added some red, purple and blue shadows.
I also concealed my lips and put a white is highlight on my cheeks with no blush and heavy contour.
The blood I used is the Ben Nye dark blood and just put it on my lips, nose and neck.

And there you have it! A zombie look for halloween. Try it if you dare.

Products I used:
Ben Nye Nose Wax
Ben Nye Dark Blood
Ben Nye Bruise Wheel
Karo Syrup

Monday, October 20, 2014

Mini Haul.

These are just a couple of things I have bought in the past month. I've been buying these here and there and as you can see I have been starting to really love lipsticks.

I had been eyeing this palette for weeks before finally caving in and buying it. This is the Too Faced Everything Nice palette. I have never tried Too Faced shadows before and I was really surprised with the quality and the colour pay off. I also loved how this palette not only came with shadows but also a bronzer, highlight and two blushes. I own their chocolate soleil bronzer already but the one in this palette is darker than the one I own and I have been using it ever since I bought this palette. This palette also came with three brushes - a contour brush and two shadow brushes. I absolutely love it! I don't regret buying this product at all.

Now, I have been searching for the perfect primer for months now and I have heard so many good reviews about this one so I had to get it. I used to use the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer until I ran out then started using the Benefite Porefessional. Now... The Benefit primer, in my opinion, is whatever. This product is very similar to the Benefit one but I feel as though this does a much better job at hiding my pores.

Lashes, lashes, and more lashes. I am in absolute love with Velour's new design for breast cancer awareness! I ordered three lashes from them and honestly, of all the lashes I have tried, Velour's is the best. You definitely get the quality you pay for. I got the lashes in Whispie Me Away, Complete Me and Extra Oomph. I keep going back to these lashes.

Have you seen Nars' new lipstick packaging? Amazing? I know. It's so sleek with that all black package with the engrave of the NARS letters. Also, not to mention, these lipsticks are magnetic, very similar to their new eyeshadows. I love the consistency of these lipsticks. I got the colours Claudia and Fanny.

This is my absolute holy grail eyebrow product. I ran out so I had to repurchase this. I cannot live without this product! It is expensive but it is so worth your money if you want natural defined brows! I'm in the shade Soft Brown.

Another one of my holy grails. This is my third time repurchasing this. Nars never does me wrong, as a matter of fact, I think Nars is my favourite makeup brand! This concealer is creamy and stays on all day. I use it mostly for concealing blemishes and redness but it does work amazing under your eyes too! I definitely recommend this. I'm in the shade Medium Custard.

Another Nars lipstick. This is their old lipstick line as you can see by their packaging. Not a big fan of this packaging but this lipstick colour is PERFECT for fall time! The only problem I have with this is that the lipstick is very sheer so it doesn't give off a good colour payoff on your lips but the best thing about this is that the lipstick smells like fruit loops... Oh my gosh. This lipstick smells AMAZING. I just can't get over it.

Told you I was on a lipstick craze faze. This is my first time trying and Kat Von Di product and after hearing so many people rave about these lipstick, now I know why. It goes on so nicely and smoothly and has a matte-ish finish. And gosh, look at that packaging. I am such a sucker for packaging. The studded packaging steals my heart. I have the colour Backstage Bambi.

If anybody wants swatches of the lipsticks and stuff let me know!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I once read in an article that shopping is a form of comfort. It provides us this comfort and this relaxation that we need once in a while to escape from reality. Shopping definitely has some therapeutic elements to it. After all, thats why they call it retail therapy, right? Something about Lush... From that moment you walk into it until the moment you walk out gives me this excitement. I hardly ever walk by Lush without going in for a cheeky little peak at all the glorious bath bombs they have.

I have seen so many blogs and videos of people in the UK who have already got their hands on the limited edition Halloween and Christmas Lush products. Sadly, the Christmas Lush products aren't coming into stores until next week (which I will have to pop back in Lush again :/).
Anyways, I didn't want to go fully crazy buying every single product in the store just yet (I'm waiting for the Christmas products) so I just bought a few things.

Firstly, I am just obsessed with their bubble bars and bath bombs. I got three today from their Halloween collection.
From left to right.
Lord of Misrule , Sparkly Pumpkin, Wizard
I think out of all, I am excited for the Sparkly Pumpkin. I mean, just look at it. It's covered in gorgeous glitter and not to mention, is in a pumpkin shape.

After looking at their bath bombs, I came across the Charity Pot. I thought it was really awesome how each pot of this lotion had a different charity on it. The smell of this is not particularly nice nor bad but the way it made my hand feel when I put it on just sold me.

The last thing I picked up was this D'Fluff shaving cream. I have heard about this product from different people. It is a shaving cream like no other. It turns into a milky type form and you just shave. The great thing about this is that you don't need a body wash after you shave as this acts as a two in one. The smell is a hint of strawberries and c'mon, who doesn't love the smell of strawberries?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Current favourites.

It's already October... Time seems to fly these days and soon it's going to be halloween, which is by far my favourite holiday. Then Christmas comes in second place. I have been buying a bunch of things and have been loving it!

Firstly, this foundation... I have heard so much about it online, through people and I always questioned myself as to whether or not this is all just a hype. I am very picky with foundation. I have a hard time trying to find the right colour and also I just feel like if I buy the wrong product, I'm going to have to deal with my ever so sensitive skin telling me that it's not okay. This foundation does live up to the hype. This is the Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation. I am in the shade 3.5 

My next favourite is the tangle teezer. I have the travel size one. Now I suffer with extremely damaged hair that seems to always be tangled. I have gone through so much hair dye in the past year or two from going blonde twice, to going back to brunette to going back to blonde, etc. Every time I get out of the shower this has saved my life. It makes your hair feel like tangles are no longer a problem.

Like I said, halloween is my favourite holiday and this hand soap... Oh gosh how exciting! I went into bath and body works and saw this and I had to get myself one. It smells like plum but the best part is how the colour is a blood red! I thought it was so fun and just unique to have in my bathroom.

This product is actually from Australia and it is probably the best type of ointment for your lips, scars, burns, etc. The smell isn't particularly nice but since I have been using this since I was little, I've gotten used to the smell. I mainly use this on my dry lips before I go to bed.

My last favourite is this record player I got as a gift. I have been wanting one for months and months and finally I got one in this beautiful light teal colour! The brand is from Crosley and they sell these at Urban Outfitters. It just fits perfectly with my apartment and the olden day type aura it gives off when playing records is soothing.