Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I struggle with sensitive skin and lately my skin has been going from dry to normal/combination. I usually like to try out new skin care products but out of all, Korean skin care products are by far my favourite. I have been using these products for about two months or so now and they have been working pretty well for me.

On an everyday base (not including those occasional masks and extra pamper products) I use my Banilla B Clean It Zero makeup remover to remove all my makeup. You scoop some of this product out onto your hand. At first this product is a balm-like texture. Then I melt this into my hands and start rubbing all over my face until every makeup has broken down into an oily form. Then I take some water and rub again which will then turn into a milky form. Then I just rinse it off.

After I remove all my makeup, I go in with a cleanser. This is a cleanser from Etude House I got back when I was visiting Korea a couple of months ago. I got a sample from then when I first shopped and had to go back for the full size. This cleanser has baking powder in it which helps your skin become renewed. The constancy is quite weird but in a good way. You can definitely feel the baking powder in the face wash. This face wash is pretty good and I'm sad to see it slowly run out.

Then after all my removing and cleaning of the face is done, I like to go in with my toners, lotions, etc.

For my toner, I use the Wonder Pore from Etude House. This was pretty new when I bought it and the product is pretty good. I feel like this product is doing a pretty good job of toning my skin. The only downside I have of this is that the smell is a bit strong of alcohol. It is supposed have 10 in one benefits to your skin such as removing dead cells, keeping your pores clean, etc. I think it does an okay job at what it says it does.

After I tone my face I go in with this Hanyul serum? To be honest, I have no idea what this product is supposed to do for my skin. I bought this in Korea at some beauty store and the lady told me that this was one of their best sellers. She told me to put in on after toner but before lotion, which is what I've been doing. To be completely honest, I don't see a huge difference in my skin but I keep using it because there is no point in removing it from my skincare. If anyone knows the details about this product please let me know!

And finally to seal my skincare routine I go in with my SK-ll Facial Lift Emulsion. This lotion is expensive, I'm not going to lie. But because I've heard so many amazing reviews on the entire SK-ll line, I decided to try it out. It is pretty good. It doesn't dry out my skin, and it doesn't make me an oil-face.

If anyone has any recommendations for me on skincare products, let me know!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Makeup Geek

I have been hearing and seeing Makeup Geek shadows everywhere online these days so I decided to buy myself some too. I bought my z palette from Amazon and the awesome thing about Makeup Geek's products are that they have magnets which will stay in your z palette. I bought 8 different shadows and two blushes. I mainly went for the more warm and neutral shades as I gravitate towards them. So far these shadows are very smooth and glide on so nicely that they almost feel velvet-like.

This is my Makeup Geek eye shadows in my z palette so far.

Here are some close ups of the shadows.

Left -> Right : Beaches & Cream , Shimma Shimma

Left -> Right : Moondust , Frappe

Left -> Right : Pretentious , Brown Sugar

Left -> Right : Burlesque , Last Dance

If you would like to see more in-depth information on each shadow and maybe some swatches make sure you let me know! Hoping to grow my collection bigger :).