Monday, April 13, 2015

Current Beauty Favourites

It's halfway through April so posting a March favourite's seems too late and so I thought I would share with you guys my current beauty favourites! I have been trying to branch out to different products rather than sticking to my everyday items. I have found some AMAZING products throughout the months!

Lush Tea Tree Water
This is an amazing toner for your skin. It is said to be meant for oily acne prone skin but I have dry skin and it works fine for me. I like the fact that it has tea tree in it, which is amazing for pimples and such. I feel like whilst using this I have found that I get less breakouts! This is actually my second bottle of this and I love it!

Make Up Forever HD Foundation in N120
I used to use this foundation maybe two or three years ago. To be honest, this was my first ever liquid foundation I had ever used! I somehow forgot about this and moved on to other foundations. Recently I bought this again and it made me really wonder why I ever stopped using it! It is the perfect amount of coverage and it is buildable. I find that the perfect way to apply this foundation is with a Beauty Blender. I just run my beauty blender under some water it wet it and apply this all over my face. The combination helps reduce those dry patches and has a lovely finish after setting it with a powder.

Too Faced Soul Mates Blushing Bronzer - Carrie & Big
I told myself that I didn't need this but... I caved in and bought it BUT I am so glad I did! I still have yet to use the bronzer part of the product but this blush is stunning! I absolutely am blown away by this gorgeous peachy blush! It is quite hard to get just the blush out of this but the way it looks on your cheeks is too beautiful. And I have to say Carrie and Big are one of my favourite couples from TV.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish - Soft & Gentle
I have heard from EVERYONE about how amazing this highlighter is and blah blah blah. And to be honest, I didn't understand why everyone was raving about this product but I must say it does give you a perfect glow. I am completely suckered into this product and my makeup feels incomplete without this now. For those of you who were thinking of getting this - GET IT! I love it! You do have to be careful and make sure you use a fan brush and apply with a light hand because it can look too much on your face.

BITE Agave Lip Mask
This is a lip balm that makes your lips super moisturized. I suffer from dry and flaky lips and lets be honest, it's really not cute. I was not happy when I first tried this because it is an extremely thick consistency but once you smooth it out on your lips, it doesn't feel sticky. Saved my lips!

Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Melted Strawberry
This colour is bright and super red. Scary? I know. I was afraid of using this colour because I am not really a bold lips kind of girl but I fell in love. This entire line is amazing! I wore this out one night to go out clubbing with my friends and this stayed on ALL NIGHT. I have a tendency to bite my lip and lick my lips throughout the night which is why lip colours never stay on my lips. I was shocked at how my lips looked by the end of the night!

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in 14
Ugh, but look at that packaging! So gorgeous! This is my first ever YSL lipstick and I love it! It does make my lips slightly dry but then again most products do. I love this coral colour on my lips. The perfect colour for spring! The product is quite sheer but the colour definitely comes off on your lips. It has a glossy finish with a tinge of shimmer. It's stunning!

These are just the swatches of the two lipsticks.
Top: Too Faced
Bottom: YSL


  1. MAC's soft & gentle is an all time fave of mine!

    ↠Mondays & Mimosas↞

  2. MAC's soft & gentle is an all time fave of mine!

    ↠Mondays & Mimosas↞

  3. It's never too late to post favorites! :D I've heard such great reviews on Lush's Tea Tree Water and think I need to finally take the plunge lol. MAC's Soft & Gentle is absolutely amazing, glad you gave it a try!

    xoxo - Michelle

  4. i've been using the tea tree water as well, love it!

    danielle | avec danielle

  5. I really want to try the tea tree water! The lip products look so pretty too <3