Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Current favourites.

It's already October... Time seems to fly these days and soon it's going to be halloween, which is by far my favourite holiday. Then Christmas comes in second place. I have been buying a bunch of things and have been loving it!

Firstly, this foundation... I have heard so much about it online, through people and I always questioned myself as to whether or not this is all just a hype. I am very picky with foundation. I have a hard time trying to find the right colour and also I just feel like if I buy the wrong product, I'm going to have to deal with my ever so sensitive skin telling me that it's not okay. This foundation does live up to the hype. This is the Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation. I am in the shade 3.5 

My next favourite is the tangle teezer. I have the travel size one. Now I suffer with extremely damaged hair that seems to always be tangled. I have gone through so much hair dye in the past year or two from going blonde twice, to going back to brunette to going back to blonde, etc. Every time I get out of the shower this has saved my life. It makes your hair feel like tangles are no longer a problem.

Like I said, halloween is my favourite holiday and this hand soap... Oh gosh how exciting! I went into bath and body works and saw this and I had to get myself one. It smells like plum but the best part is how the colour is a blood red! I thought it was so fun and just unique to have in my bathroom.

This product is actually from Australia and it is probably the best type of ointment for your lips, scars, burns, etc. The smell isn't particularly nice but since I have been using this since I was little, I've gotten used to the smell. I mainly use this on my dry lips before I go to bed.

My last favourite is this record player I got as a gift. I have been wanting one for months and months and finally I got one in this beautiful light teal colour! The brand is from Crosley and they sell these at Urban Outfitters. It just fits perfectly with my apartment and the olden day type aura it gives off when playing records is soothing. 


  1. I can't believe I don't own a Tangle Teaser, I would really need one! My hair is really damaged and I have a bad habit of wanting to brush it while it's wet (which probably destroys it) so I'll need to put this on my wish list. :)

    1. Yess! It's perfect for damaged hair. I had that problem before too and after I got this, brushing my hair seems so simply haha :).

  2. I love the blood from Bath and Body Works, such a shame we don't have one in UK!